Our first milestone - 300 bags.

Volunteering India

How it works –

We work closely with our giving partners to highlight vulnerable children in the areas they cover. Once highlighted, the charities and NGOS tell us the total amount of school bags required for the following school year, ensuring the bags are being provided to the children who need them the most. Despite having the determination and confidence to make this work, we do not want to promise anything that we’re unable to deliver. We work with one charity at a time and will not set new milestones until we have reached the total amount required, however, as we continue to grow, we will endeavour to team up with more and more charitable organizations which will ensure that we can achieve the goals which we have set. We will keep you updated all the way, setting new targets and working closely with the charities to ensure that the schoolbags are reaching the children at the right time and in the right quantities.

Our first bag provider –

They are a UK registered charity who are based in Goa and their primary aim is to help disadvantaged children and young people regardless of their religion, class, caste or gender. Through their five projects they help around 500 children every year with education, nutrition and general well-being. They run classes for children of all ages with registered pre-primary schools in the mornings and tuition classes in the afternoons for all school goers. Each one of these classes supports approximately 170 children in total, running from Monday to Friday each week. As well as all of this, they provide the children with a social worker, a counsellor and a nurse and also run a feeding program to ensure they’re all fit and healthy. Uniforms are also provided through the program and of course, school-bags, which is where we come in!

The stationery and bags that are provided through the purchase of a Pocketbag will all be delivered to the children enrolled in the program on our first bag-drop in June 2015 ready for the new school year.  Without these bags, the youngsters will not have to right equipment to get the best out of something that is already an amazing opportunity for them.

Keep an eye on our map for Milestones set and achieved