Behind the scenes on our new Instagram video

We first met Jess whilst promoting our fashion collection at old Truman’s market in Spitalsfield one Sunday. She was a big fan of our products (clearly a keen eye for fashion!) and our mission. After purchasing one of our boyfriend T-shirts and Orange Elephant Pocketbags, she asked if there was anything she could do to help promote our cause, she went on to explain that she creates videos for travel companies and has a passion for adventure and would be more than happy to create a video for us in her spare time! After a few Skype's throwing idea’s around we decided to go with a short Instagram video to help promote our products and mission in a travel inspired way. I’ll let Jess explain further how she created the video.

Filming this Insta film was so much fun. I had to draw on a lot of my own resources for a few of the shots- so it got emotional trawling through all my travel memorabilia! But as always it's nice to look back and see what brought me here. 
The hardest bit was doing the stop motion bits all on my own. I had to create a make-do studio in my living room and use a chair to see what I was filming! To top it off my lens kept slipping and zooming in because I was shooting so vertically - so I just used gaffer tape to secure it (the most important tool in any film making job!). Film making is not half as glamorous as people think! I even had to get on all fours and iron the T-shirt so it looked perfect. So - bit of a hack job but I'm super pleased with the results.
Behind the scenes creating our new Instagram video

Here's the finished result. We’re over the moon at the finished video and would like to thank Jess for donating her time to the mission. Check out her work over at 


If you’re a young budding film maker and want any advice on the industry or advice on a certain project your working on, comment with your question below and we’ll get back to you.