15 Tips to make your festival experience one to remember for all the RIGHT reasons!

Here's what to bring, how to stay clean, and all importantly how to stay safe.

First of all, what do you need to bring? Chances are you'll pack a lot of things you don't need, arrive at your campsite, look around and see exactly what you should've brought.  

1.         In this digital age most of us would manage less than a day without our favourite gadgets. Many rechargeable battery devices will eventually run out of charge leaving you without a phone or a charger. Opt for a charger which is run by batteries which you can replace yourself, as these can easily be bought and packed before you get to the festival.  

2.         Wellies...the essential festival must-have. As simple as they may sound, you may leave the house looking at a clear blue sky, thinking trainers or flat shoes will be fine. News flash: it's England, your camp site will be ankle deep in mud, and your nice new trainers will be ruined. The great thing about wellies are the price range: from £1 to £100 there's wellies for everyone.  

3.         Although the idea of dancing in the rain may sound quite tempting - A light waterproof jacket is recommended, it will not only keep the rain out, but can also be something to sit on, and an extra layer to wear at night when the temperature drops...If you're in doubt a beer coat never fails.   

4.         Just like the waterproof jacket, sun cream is a festival must-have, remember you will be outside ALL the time, in a field with probably little shade. Don't let sunburn/stroke ruin your festival.  

5.         Don't forget, festivals are just as much about chilling with your friends as they are listening to live music. Taking a portable music player is a great idea for the daytime downtime. 

Next up – how to keep clean without your home comforts 

1.       Dry shampoo is a festival-goers favourite. Chances are you will be no cleaner than before, but the illusion of grease free hair will make you feel a lot less gross. 

2.       Wipes are a complete necessity if you are camping out on festival grounds. With an hour long queue for a shower, wipes can be a quick solution.  

3.       Be careful where you place your tent; you may think being near a portaloo is a great idea, but after a couple of days the toilets will smell, and in turn so will you.  

4.       Hand sanitizer is a great way to stop the spread of germs. Use it before cooking and eating to make sure no nasty germs ruin your festival experience. 

5.       If you really can't live without your clean toilets and showers, then pay for VIP. Many festivals will offer this service for those of us who love festivals, but aren't quite so comfortable without hot water and soap. 

Lastly, things you must do. If you want a great festival experience then follow these steps... 

1.       Do not rely on your mobile phone. Even after buying a battery charger for your device, many things can still go wrong with a smartphone. The biggest problem many festival goers will face is signal loss. The best way to not let this affect your festival experience is to make sure you do not arrange to meet people by text. You could end up separated from your friends, so the best idea is to designate a place or time to meet, without relying on gadgets. 

2.       The biggest pitfall for a festival goer is where to put your tent. With changeable weather conditions at most festivals the key is to put up your tent in a place where it will be least affected by weather. Places to avoid are near toilets (as mentioned above), at the bottom of a hill, or right near the stage.  

3.       Don't go into a festival without research. Follow the festivals social media pages, which will often include tips on how to get around the festival, as well as a map and things to avoid. Ask around for people that may have been to the festival before or perhaps work there. 

4.       New clothes or shoes. However tempting it may be, buying clothes specifically for a festival is a bad idea. Not only may you never get to wear them due to unexpected weather conditions, chances are that items such as new shoes will make your festival experience more difficult than necessary. They could cause blisters which will then mean you have to be in discomfort or queue up for hours at the first aid tent (remember your first aid kit!). 

5.       Most importantly, do not leave items unattended. This can range from leaving money or gadgets unattended which may be stolen, to a potentially life threatening case of drink spiking. The best thing to do is have someone you trust with you or your belongings at all times, or alternatively purchase a money belt – as mentioned above. If you think your drink could be spiked the best thing to do is take it with you.